I am a Game Design student at Rubika Supinfogame,
having fun making games and striving to become a gameplay programmer.

> Pirate Academy

A WarioWare-like where you play as crew trying to pass their pirate exam.

> Thales : The Card Game

A card game about chasing a submarine using ThalesGroup anti-submarine defense solutions.

> Hook

A 2D zelda-like about an axolotl defending his village against crabs.

> K.A.T.A.N.A

A roguelite about a ninja who wanted to be a cook and eventually ended up slicing evil vegetables.

> Habemus Papam

A boardgame about becoming the new Pope in 1492's Conclave.


I have been making game for 3 years now. During these years, I have worked on a lot of projects and each one of them helped me grow a whole set of skills.


Two years experience in Unity game development and C# programming.

Game Design

3 years experience in gameplay analysis, game mechanics conception.
Familiar with various game design tools. (Game Design Patterns...)


Worked in various teams from small (3-4) to large (40 +) on lots of different projects.
Experience in leading small teams.
Accustomed to working under a project leader.

Project Management

Very familiar with tools such as Trello and Excel for project management and plannings.


Though I like it, I'm not always making games.

  • Photography

    I like taking pictures in my spare time.
    Check them out on my 500px profile.

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Whether you're from the game industry or not, don't hesitate and send me a message, I will get back to you.
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